Our Story

Like many of you, we found raising our kids to eat healthy snacks to be very difficult, let alone finding treats that weren't just corn syrup or pure sugar. This started us down the rabbit hole of making our own treats, and thus to buy practically every frozen ice pop or treat maker there was on the market at the time.

We began to get overly frustrated with the poor quality and the difficulty these manufacturers made it to use their products...there had to be a better way?....







So my husband started designing our own classic ice pop maker with the iconic fruit bar style shape! With our little ones to gives us critical feedback and many moms and dads advice we designed a simple to use mold.

We took many considerations when we started but the overwhelming points were:

  1. Quality of construction that would lead to a long lasting lifetime type use product.

  2. Ease of use, function & cleaning.

  3. Everything made in USA, the wood sticks, brushes, packaging.

  4. BPA Free Plastic, we use the same material used in baby bottles.

After several years of prototypes we found a design that really worked well, and we proceeded to locate the suppliers we needed to have everything made in America.

We still make these in small batches from a small family owned injection molder, we had assemble everyone, even our kids like helping out.

Know that your support of us helps support small family brands, and we thank you for your support.

To many Happy Days, Cheers! The Brodersens.