We love what we do and so will you

Our story is simple: we couldn’t find an ice pop maker that had all the features we needed, so we decided to do it ourselves. A 100% Made in USA Ice Pop Maker, made to be extra durable and give you all the features you need.

Conscience Design

Best quality we have ever used

This mold is worth it! I saw other, less expensive molds, but read the poor reviews. This American made mold is great! The plastic is quality and everything fits together very well. Have made several batches of fudge pops already. We are loving the home-made treats.

Kelly J

Great For Low Sugar Treats!

Just what I needed. Holds 30 oz, easy to fill, freeze, unmold, and clean. Just the right size for an after dinner "sweet". No chasing down the stick/sipper/lid later. I sometimes wish I'd purchased another. Since we must use sugar free desserts, it's already paid for itself.

Lisa R.

Solid construction & Perfect size.

I love the size since most food portions are now ridiculously large. It is wonderful to have something reasonable. The quality of the plastic is excellent. Cleaning brush is excellent. Shipping time also excellent. Customer satisfaction follow up excellent too. Being made in the USA is irrelevant if the actual business/company is a disaster. But this company has my vote of confidence. Hopefully they’re already thinking of their next invention.

Cathryn A.

Make Frozen Treats Fun Again!

Words cannot express enough how impressed I am with these quality Popsicle Molds. The are made in America, which is so refreshing, because I know they are not going to leach chemicals or lead into my frozen treats. Included with the molds are a bag of wooden sticks for the pops, and a really great brush for cleaning and washing out the molds after they have been used. These folks really thought about everything! Buy and use these to make your own homemade frozen treats with confidence! 

Sean B

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